What is a Limo Style Bus?

A party bus is a vehicle that has been modified and upgraded to accommodate a small party on wheels, in luxury and comfort. They are usually customized and designed to accommodate ten or more people for recreational purposes.

Party buses are gaining dominance in the motor vehicle industry as more people start to appreciate the importance of recreational vehicles. Party buses make it possible for individuals who love partying to extend their celebrations long after the party ends. Party buses come in a wide range of designs implying that, when interested in the service, you will have a chance to choose yours depending on your preference.

  • It’s a luxurious mobile ‘party on wheels’ for up to 26 friends
  • Various styles, sizes and options are available
  • Having a good time is your priority, your safety is ours
  • Ideal for the casino or the birthday party
  • Most vehicles have anti-lock brakes, vehicle stability controls and rear cross traffic alerts
  • Our multiple vehicle options will ensure you receive lasting value
  • Travel in style… like a Celebrity or a Rock Star!


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Limo Style Bus

    • The hiring cost:  At James Limousine, we ensure that our customers have access to the best party buses at reasonable rates.


    • Safety features: The automobile industry has been expanding rapidly bringing with it new industry standards and expectations. This trend has seen an increased emphasis on revamping the safety features in all car models, and party buses are no exception. When you are seeking party bus services, ensure that you inquire about the safety features that accompany such vehicles. Your safety and security should form the basis upon which you choose our services since our clients’ safety is our number one priority.


    • The capacity of the bus: The capacity of a party bus determines its users’ comfort. Various traveling companies provide party buses that have varying capacities. A party bus with an adequate seating capacity is the perfect ride for you and your friends as you make your way to the local casino or enjoy your friend’s birthday party.


    • Comfort: The essence of a party bus is to allow you and your team to be chauffeured together as you party. Our party buses in Richmond guarantee you access to luxury, safe, and comfortable rides. Party buses will allow you to enjoy convenience and comfort of traveling and partying together with your friends and family. Party buses come with the comfort of eliminating extra costs that would have been incurred individually such as parking space, taking separate taxis, setting schedules, and provision of security to VIPs.


Why You Should Consider Using Our Services for a Limo Style Bus

  • Our professional Chauffeurs understand the importance of safety
  • You can party on in our party buses, that are equipped for your comfort and style
  • All our party buses come fitted with large displays, speaker audio systems, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto
  • Multiple pricing options ensure great value


Christina Childs

I just wanted to say what a GREAT experience it was working with you and our chauffeur David this past Saturday. Danielle Trunnel actually signed the contract for our group but I spoke with you in the beginning and was included in all the...

Carol – Germanna Community College

We were very pleased with the service last week and would like to request Glenn for our upcoming trips (May 5 to DC Nats game and Jun 9 NYC trip). He is a great chauffeur and such a nice guy. We also very...

Tammy – Canon of VA

Good Morning Hope
Just to let you know Bob was great this morning..We had one member that didn't show up for the 630a departure and Bob was just leaving the gate at 645pm when we called him back to pick this gentleman up -...

Mr. Perkins

Thank you, mom enjoyed the trip July 1st from the airport. The chauffeur was extremely helpful, courteous, and prompt. We will highly recommend James Limo to anyone visiting the Richmond area.