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Randy A. (Owner)

Lynn A. (Owner)

Hope N. (Owner)


Thomas H. (CFO)


Glenda C. (Reservations)

Amanda M. (Reservations)

Christian T. (Reservations)

Heather W. (Reservations)


Aaron B. (Chauffeur)

Carlton B. (Chauffeur)

Robert B. (Chauffeur)

Heath C. (Chauffeur)

Jack C. (Chauffeur)

Ray C. (Chauffeur)

Victor C. (Chauffeur)

Wayne C. (Chauffeur)

Joyce D. (Chauffeur)

Alfred (Al) E. (Chauffeur)

Nat G. (Chauffeur)

Graham H. (Chauffeur)

James H. (Chauffeur)

Kimberly H. (Chauffeur)

Mark J. (Chauffeur)

Denny K. (Chauffeur)

Ernesto L. (Chauffeur)

Neil M. (Chauffeur)

Sean M. (Chauffeur)

Stanley M. (Chauffeur)

Daryl P. (Chauffeur)

Joe R. (Chauffeur)

Adam S. (Chauffeur)

S. Glenn T. (Chauffeur)

AJ W. (Chauffeur)

Alan W. (Chauffeur)

Floyd W. (Chauffeur)

Detailers and Mechanics

Steve M. (Fleet and Facilities Manager)

Ed B. (Detailer)

Javon C. (Detailer)

Abi G. (Detailer)


Donna Thornburg

Good afternoon: I just wanted to personally thank you and your staff for the excellent work you recently provided to VCU.  Every single aspect of your service delivery was impeccable.  Our passengers were very impressed and you made us look good. I look forward to working with...

Amazing Tacky Light Tour with Robert Brown

I just want to drop you a note about our AMAZING experience last night with James Limousine and our driver Robert Brown.

He arrived early, actually before we got there and was ready to go as soon as our entire party arrived. He was dressed in...

The Ranallo Family & the McGuire Family – Fantastic Tacky Light Tour

The only word that I can think of, which comes close to describing our experience last night was fantastic! My wife and I, my son and his new bride and my daughter's family, went on the Tacky Light Tour last night. First and...

Hannah DeFrank – Squirrels Baseball

Amanda, I cannot thank you enough for everything you did to make this week a huge success for the entire city of Richmond! We've gotten nothing but kind words from executives, players, sponsors, and fans. You handled all the curve balls we threw...