What’s the most economical way to book transportation?

There are 2-ways to book transportation, Point-to-point and Hourly. Point-to-Point is simply being picked up from one location and being dropped at another. Now, assuming you need to return, being picked up at a pre-determined time and dropped at the original location. This type of trip does not allow for any variations and the vehicle and driver are not at your disposal between the 2 trips. Hourly means you can be picked up from several locations, make stops along the way before reaching your destination, then the vehicle and driver wait for you until you are ready to return, and can make multiple stops before the final destination. This option offers more flexibility and the per hour rate is less than the Point to Point rate, but you will be paying for the service if you are at a stop even though you are not in the vehicle.

When should I secure my vehicle(s)?

First come, first served. The sooner you secure your vehicle the more options you will have. A larger fleet of vehicles means more choices you will have but once a vehicle is secured it’s yours. Now, if your plans change you will then be able to select from the other available vehicles (provided those vehicles have not been secured by someone else). Remember the early bird gets the worm.

What happens if a vehicle breaks down?

Reliability is the key. While every effort is made to keep the vehicles in perfect mechanical order the very rare mechanical failure is always possible. A more experienced limo service will have its own fleet maintenance vehicle and mechanic, they are typically vans fully equipped with tools, small parts and the resources to cover most incidents. If an incident involves a completed breakdown the larger fleets will be able to assign and move you to another vehicle with relative ease.

What happens if I need to go over my time?

Typically, transportation is often booked with a start and finish time in order to help keep both clients and Limo service on schedule and to calculate budgets. But in the real world not everything stays on a strict schedule, if your DJ has got the dance floor packed, you’re not going to want to stop just because it’s the time you thought you’d be ready to go. An experienced Limo service will offer an extended time guarantee where you can party till you drop and only pay for the time you used.

What do you do to make me feel special?​

Answer… Everything possible. The highest standards include uniformed chauffeurs, drinks, glasses and ice, and the latest technology for communications and your entertainment. At James Limousine we exceed your expectations with our Signature Bridal emergency kit. An elegant monogramed bag packed full of everything you may need to stop a small annoyance form becoming a stressful situation. Items like scissors, stain sticks, Advil, wipes, sewing kit, etc.


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Highly recommend them - I have never had an issue in booking transports for my faculty recruitment needs. Always prompt, courteous, trustworthy, and timely. Glenda who assists me in booking is also fabulous! You cannot go wrong with this company.

Great Customer Service

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